Back on Monday, Portuguese newspaper A Bola said Manchester United had scheduled a meeting with the representatives of Bruno Fernandes for this week. That was a front page story saying the Red Devils are making the first moves to land the midfielder.

Although there are times when these stories are completely forgotten, the outlet comes up with an update on the situation today.

Now A Bola claims that this meeting is happening in Manchester, but only in the next week.

It’s said that Manchester United’s intention is to ‘mark a strong position’ in the race, trying to guarantee some kind of priority to get the 24-year-old at the end of the season.

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Sporting are said to be fine with this meeting, as they know the player is well protected by the €100m release clause there is in his contract.

A Bola says they still don’t know how far Manchester United will go to sign Bruno Fernandes. But the Red Devils are well aware they will have to spend big on him, especially to avoid an auction with the many other clubs who are said to be interested as well.