At every big club around the world, the scouting team will have very specific instructions on what the manager wants and what the manager needs.

This is meant to facilitate the top man’s job, who will ultimately, with or without the help of someone else, decide who he wants his club to buy, but sometimes, a special talent emerges and everyone wants him regardless of whether they need him or not.

That’s the case for Boca Juniors’ Cristian Pavon, who is currently being followed by some of the biggest teams around the globe, including Manchester City.

Corriere dello Sport are the ones reporting it, as the Italian newspaper look at some of the talent Inter could look to buy, and the 21-year-old falls into that category.

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Of course, if push came to shove, and money was all the young winger wanted, Manchester City would probably win, and the fact he’s Argentinian will have grown up admiring a certain Lionel Messi could also play to Pep Guardiola’s advantage here.

The Spaniard was key in the Barcelona’s superstar development and helped him become the player he is today, and Cristian Pavon could see that as a great opportunity to get the same treatment, if you will.

However, Corriere point out there is little chance of him leaving Boca Juniors for Manchester City or anywhere else before the end of 2018 at the earliest, as one of his dreams is to win the Copa Libertadores.

This could certainly change down the line if, let’s say, he doesn’t win it and realises he won’t do so anytime soon, but for now, that’s his dream, and it’s one his agent is more than willing to accommodate as he continues to develop.

That, and he’s already made it into the Argentina national team a couple of times.