Former Cagliari coach Davide Ballardini has told the Italian media it was unacceptable the Italian club refused to pay his wages when they sacked him in 2012.

Recently Cagliari were told by an Italian court they must pay compensation to Ballardini following his sacking by the Sardinian club. Ballardini was fired by Massimo Cellino, now co-owner of Leeds United, after just a few months at Cagliari.

Speaking to TMW, Ballardini said the situation became serious for him because it was unacceptable the Leeds United chief refused to pay him what he was owed. The Italian coach revealed he couldn’t let Cellino and Cagliari get away with their actions, and now he has justice.

“It was a very serious matter for me. Allowing a president not to pay a coach without any reason is unacceptable. Cellino could not possibly get out of this unscathed. Presidents are “crafty” and there are many in Italy, but justice has now been done,” said Ballardini.

However, despite Cellino being the owner of Cagliari at the time, the Leeds United co-owner will not be picking up the bill. It’s been revealed the new owners at the Italian club must pay compensation to Ballardini because Cellino sold the club to them in 2014 before purchasing Leeds United.