Felix Wiedwald to Leeds United is still a topic for the German media.

With the German goalkeeper’s replacement Jiri Pavlenka not impressing immediately at Werder Bremen, doubts over the decision have been circling.

When Wiedwald decided to join Leeds United it was clear he did so because Werder were signing Pavlenka as his replacement. There was some doubt from the beginning, and the new Czech goalkeeper was going to have to be good to shut everyone up.

A shaky performance in a preseason match against Valencia hasn’t served to help, and Werder manager Alexander Nouri has found himself having to defend the decision.

It’s not been confirmed, but it seems something went wrong between Nouri and Wiedwald, which ultimately led to the change, and the manager hasn’t been shy when insisting he believes Pavlenka will prove to be the better player.

Delmenhorster Kreisblatt put it to Nouri that many fans are questioning whether Pavlenka is actually better than Wiedwald, to which the manager said: “That will be shown this season.”

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Nouri went on to tell the German newspaper: “I am convinced that Jiri will play a good season for us. As far as the Bundesliga is concerned, we must have some patience with him. But Jiri makes a very good impression in the games and training, so we are very optimistic.”

Werder Bremen fans aren’t yet convinced, and neither is the German media. Wiedwald’s performances will be watched at Leeds United, and if he’s perceived to be playing better than Pavlenka, it will create pressure for Nouri.

The extra motivation for Felix Wiedwald will likely be welcomed by Leeds United manager Thomas Christiansen.