The ease with which Manchester City dominated Arsenal on Sunday suggests Pep Guardiola’s team is close to completion.

After all, a cup final is meant to be a competitive event, yet the 90 mins preceding the Cityzens lifting the Carabao sponsored trophy were anything but.

However, the Spaniard always wants more, and that includes more players, including Sergei Milinkovic-Savic.

This is what Gazzetta dello Sport explain on Monday (echoing previous reports), looking at who is keen on the Serbian midfielder, and how the 23-year-old thrives under the pressure when others would crumble.

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For the Italian newspaper, that’s the difference between an ‘important player’ and a ‘great champion’, and ‘SMS’, as he’s called in the press, is edging towards the latter of the two.

With the ‘feet of a Brazilian’, the ‘toughness of a Cuirassier (an Italian military unit)’ and ‘the (lucid) head of a joker’, Milinkovic-Savic is an ‘explosive cocktail’ who would probably be ideal to replace a certain departing Yaya Touré.

It’ll cost a lot, with Lazio likely to ask for (from previous articles) around €100m (which will probably be negotiated down a bit), but since when has that ever been a problem for Manchester City when they’ve really wanted someone?