Everyone gets excited on a night of a title celebration, right? Players get drunk, fans invade the pitch, and goalkeepers… well, some goalkeepers now want to take penalties.

That’s what happened to Ederson, who felt pretty motivated when Manchester City fans started shouting his name to take a penalty against Swansea City on Sunday.

Pep Guardiola’s side were winning 3-0 at the time, so with nothing to lose, City supporters wanted the goalkeeper to score at least one goal in the tittle winning campaign.

Gabriel Jesus didn’t even want to hear about that, as for him, the penalty battle is between him and Ikay Gundogan. Speaking to ESPN Brasil after the game, he explained why he took it.

“In the locker room there are those who will take. There are both names, mine first and his after. In the game against Tottenham I had scored a goal, he was very confident, I ended up getting the ball for him to take. Today I hadn’t scored, I was confident, and I took it. He understood just as I understood when he wanted to take, and the show goes on.”

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But Ederson really wanted it, and hasn’t given up just yet. Also interviewed by ESPN Brasil, he didn’t use any modesty, and claimed he’s pretty good at penalties.

“At the time I realised they started shouting my name, asking me to take it. But Gabriel took the ball, unfortunately ended up missing, and Bernardo was happy in the rebound.”

“Look, if Pep asks me to take it, I’ll assume it, won’t I? But let’s see if it happens. I hope it can happen, right? Because penalties I take well, I take with strength, or with a little stop, or with technique, I’m a good penalty taker.”

Having come through São Paulo’s academy, Ederson has never hidden his admiration for the club legend Rogério Ceni. The ex-goalkeeper, who scored over a hundred goals in his career, would certainly be an inspiration in case the Manchester City star has the chance to take a penalty someday.