Liverpool had a hard challenge to defeat Monterrey this week, as they needed a late winner from Roberto Firmino to assure their 2-1 comeback.

It’s no surprise that clubs from around the world see the Club World Cup with a bigger importance than Europeans do, and that’s why Monterrey’s intensity was clearly higher than the Reds’.

Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson has spoken about it with the Brazilian press. Interviewed by Esporte Interativo, he’s claimed Jurgen Klopp’s side knew how serious Monterrey would be taking the game.

“We already expected a difficult game. The game of life for all their players. The European player may not have the same mindset as the South American for this competition. To give life on the pitch,” Alisson told Esporte Interativo.

“Monterrey, we had already seen that they had done a good job against Al Saad. And they did a great job today, made it very difficult for us. They had chances to win, I believe they even had more shots than us. But the most dangerous chances I believe were ours.”

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It’s not only European clubs who don’t take the Club World Cup as seriously as the rest of the world. The English press hasn’t been giving it enough attention either, at least according to a column from UOL’s Julio Gomes this week.

He’s written a piece called ‘The English contempt for the Club World Cup is simply ridiculous’, and said clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona give the tournament a lot more importance than Premier League sides.

Roberto Firmino has also spoken to Esporte Interativo, specifically about the final against Flamengo on Saturday.

“It’s nice to play against a Brazilian team with great players and a coach who’s doing a great job. It will be a great game, a great final. It won’t be easy, they’re playing very well. And it will be a great game and I hope we can do our best.”

“They’re a team that has several experienced players. I’m not saying old, but several who played in Europe. They have a good load. But we have to be careful and be focused on the big final that will be.”