Uriel Antuna may not be a star in England, but his transfer from Manchester City is getting all the spotlight from the Mexican media.

Signed by the Premier League side back in 2017, the striker was never used by the club, having had loan spells at Groningen and LA Galaxy.

His great season in MLS attracted interest from Chivas Guadalajara, who spent US$12m to sign him from Manchester City. That’s a huge deal by Mexican standards.

Antuna has been interviewed by Milenio this week, and talked about the pressure of being such an expansive player at the age of 22.

“Those are decisions that the clubs make, that you know perfectly well, there you get involved in practically nothing. We only listen to the amounts of money that are paid. When I was a child I never imagined that I’d cost so much money, you never imagine it, it doesn’t even occur to you, but I tell you Chivas showed interest in me and showed that strength,” said Antuna.

“You said it yourself, there are many who can say, it’s a lot of money for him, it’s too much. But I tell you they are amounts that the clubs put down, you have nothing to do there. They are very strong amounts, but it’s the clubs that put them there.”

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Asked about the pressure that these transfers have on his career, Antuna said: “I come to play, I am a normal person, like you or any other, we are normal and equal in this world and I don’t feel more or less to be worth more and everyone must contribute the same, who comes from academy or who is worth 50 million, come to add.”

Antuna had six goals and six assists in 34 games for LA Galaxy this season. Although Pep Guardiola didn’t want to count on him, at least Manchester City managed to make some decent money with a player who would never be used.