Aaron Ramsey has been a figure in the Italian rumour mill for a while, even before the Arsenal player publicly announced his club won’t renew his current deal.

Serie A clubs, and their associated media, love a free transfer and with it being known for some time that Ramsey’s contract is set to end in June, the vultures had been circling.

Back then it wasn’t thought he’d be leaving the Gunners with the club’s blessing. Now a deal appears even easier, the competition is growing.

Calciomercato point out there’ll be competition for Serie A from several clubs and include Liverpool, Barcelona and Manchester United among the number.

It’s Jurgen Klopp’s side who get the most attention, and the report states Liverpool are ready to put a ‘rich offer’ on the table to try and secure the Welshman in an ‘auction’ ahead of other clubs.

It’s not clear if they mean an offer to Arsenal in the January transfer window, or whether Liverpool will go straight to the player instead.