Maurizio Sarri has been speaking to Corriere dello Sport and the Italian newspaper have tried their very best to get some transfer hints out of the Chelsea manager, and done quite well for their efforts.

First up, after speaking well of David Luiz, Sarri was asked if he has too many defenders at Stamford Bridge, to which he answered: “As you know, I don’t do the market.”

Corriere weren’t about to be put off by that, and went straight back in stating Sarri asked to sign Daniele Rugani in the summer transfer window, to which he replied: “I do not ask.”

Asked if he’d reached his limit (presumably financial budget for incomings), Sarri said: “Possible, but I’m like that. I train those I have, those who are given to me, I have respect for those who must make ends meet and for those who deal with other events. My thoughts on the months dedicated to negotiations are known.”

The Chelsea manager isn’t a big fan of transfer business, negotiations and all that goes with the market, but that doesn’t prevent him from having favourite players. So, after talking about some other subjects for a while, Corriere went back in.

Asked if he misses Gonzalo Higuain, Sarri replied: “Very much.”

Then when asked if he wanted the Juventus striker at Chelsea, the manager insisted his answer shouldn’t be misunderstood.

Asked again, he gave the following answer: “I’m very happy with Giroud who does a huge job for the team. And Morata, who has an innate talent, and will soon prove it.”

Corriere dello Sport tried one last time, asking outright if he wanted Higuain or not during the summer, and Sarri replied: “However I answer, I’m wrong. Because then there’s misunderstandings and, while not wanting to, you put words in my mouth that I did not say.”

So, what we can all probably gather from that is that Maurizio Sarri wouldn’t be against the signing of Rugani or Higuain but isn’t going to kick off to get them and doesn’t want to play media games.