Nicolas Pepe’s agent may well have met Napoli today, but Liverpool aren’t being pushed out of the story.

CalcioNapoli24, who are very good on their local club, are covering the potential transfer. They point out that La Voix du Nord, local to Lille, are reporting Napoli are one of a number of clubs to have reached an agreement with the French side.

They further go on to say they’ve verified the information and found out Napoli, Liverpool and two other unnamed clubs all have an ‘agreement in principle’ to sign the player.

Now it’s a matter of Pepe and his agents choosing the next destination, and it looks like money is going to play a big part. CalcioNapoli24 say the commission offered to the player’s agents will be ‘decisive’ in the potential transfer.

This has been echoed around Italy on Thursday, with it being claimed the representatives want at least €5m.

La Voix du Nord continue to claim Lille want €80m.