Manchester United fans, come closer.

All summer we’ve had countless messages on social media telling us that the Bruno Fernandes rumour is awful, there’s too many claims, and it’s all a bit of a mess.

Well, compared to the Nicolas Pepe situation it’s clean as a whistle.

There have been so many eyebrow raising claims about the player that it went beyond tedious a while ago and is now simply odd.

There’s been a good few clubs involved, lots of denials, and claims of big offers.

Today La Voix du Nord reported several clubs have a ‘global agreement’ with Lille to sign the player. Napoli, Inter Milan and Manchester United are the ones named.

Now, given it’s well known Inter are struggling to pay €80m for Romelu Lukaku, it’s a wonder where they’d magic up €80m for Pepe, because that’s what Lille want.

The player’s agents were in Italy today meeting Napoli, and the Italian slant is that a few clubs have these agreements, and it’s going to come down to agent and commission and wages.

Is the Manchester United claim genuine? It’s impossible to tell and or even take an educated guess, given what a mess the whole situation has been.