Considering how little Yohan Benalouane has played for Leicester City this season, that Tunisia would be interested in getting him to play for them might come as a surprise, but they do.

That’s what Kawarji are reporting, as, according to sources, the Foxes’ defender has changed his mind over the whole thing, having previously been reluctant to wear the country’s shirt.

Featuring once on their bench back in 2010 for an Africa Cup of Nations qualification game against Malawi, the Leicester City defender has yet to actually make an appearance for Tunisia.

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Since then, Kawarji report the Tunisian FA have tried to contact him many times about returning and actually putting the shirt on, only to be met with Benalouane making excuses, preferring to prioritise his club career.

Considering that is currently on hold, with just four appearances for Leicester, all in the cups, perhaps he’s decided playing for Tunisia would be a good way to get actual time on the pitch since Claude Puel doesn’t appear interested in fielding him at King Power Stadium.