Ron-Robert Zieler’s transfer to VfB Stuttgart was quickly wrapped up this week, curing the frustration the goalkeeper had been feeling at Leicester City.

With Kasper Schmeichel as undisputed first choice for the Foxes, Zieler had been eyeing the exit, but doubts over the Dane sticking meant Leicester didn’t want to agree to a deal.

Something changed over the past week, which presumably involves a confidence that Schmeichel will stay, and Zieler is now a Stuttgart player. German newspaper Bild report that he’s full of happiness on his return to the Bundesliga, hugely eager for training, and lapping up attention from fans.

Very vocal in training on Wednesday, Bild say Zeiler than walked a fans all wanting selfies, and is the happier of Stuttgart’s two main goalkeepers.

Mitch Langerak hasn’t been pleased about the Leicester City transfer, with Stuttgart manager Hannes Wolf saying: “Of course he wasn’t happy about the transfer. Every footballer would like to be unrivalled in his role. But Mitch is a very good character and professional enough to accept the situation now.”

Situations are likely to be reversed for Zieler, with his Leicester frustration swapped for a better status at Stuttgart. That’s not great news for Langerak, but there is some good news: His new rival conceded a long distance goal on his debut yesterday in a friendly, perhaps shaking the smile a little.