Currently spending a few days off with his family in Spain, Leicester City midfielder Vincente Iborra still has a lot to say about his former club Sevilla.

The 30-year-old, who made the move to the Premier League in a €15m deal, played for the La Liga side for four years, and got quite some affection from the local fans and press.

As Manchester United are about to face Sevilla for the Champions League, local outlet Estádio Deportivo took Iborra as a Premier League expert to talk about the match.

Asked about what Sevilla need to beat Manchester United and advance to the quarter-finals, Iborra said: “I think the key is the home game. We all know that at the Sanchez-Pizjuán Sevilla can beat anyone, and to get a positive result in the first leg would be very important. United are a very physical team, with strong players of the Premier League profile, but they also have a lot of quality and at any moment they can unbalance the game.”

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But besides commenting on the Champions League, the player still had some interesting things to say about his time with Leicester City.

“I’ve had everything, I got injured, I recovered, I started playing and we changed coaches. I played a lot of games in a row, I played some games coming and going, but you always have to be prepared. There are many matches between the league and the cups.

“But the experience is being very positive. I have played more than 20 games and there are still many left, so the season is still positive, we are in a good position and we must continue that way.”

On that usual question about the differences between La Liga and the Premier League, Iborra said: “In this competition, even if you are winning by two or three goals, the match is never closed. Something always happens until the end.

“There is a great level, any team can mess up, but not only in the Premier but in the lower levels, the other day the bottom of League 1, Rochdale, drew with Tottenham… It is what makes this competition attractive, the games are exciting.”