Leeds United are in good spirits these days, having fully vented their frustration from the 6-2 loss to Manchester United on Burnley and West Brom.

The latter of the two felt the full force of Marcelo Bielsa’s firepower in a 5-0 drubbing, and yet the Argentine is still seemingly keen on adding to his squad, with both Erick Pulgar and Christian Kouamé from Fiorentina on his wishlist.

We’ve covered this apparent pursuit in detail over the past week, and La Nazione, true to form, continue to push the idea that Leeds want the pair.

They even go as far as believing the affair could be done as package deal, but there’s competition, especially for the young Ivorian.

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Torino have been mentioned in the past, but now there’s a surprise new name on the scene: Spezia.

La Nazione claim there is a manoeuvre that could put both clubs at the same table, where Kouamé would be sent to the promoted club while Fiorentina receive M’Bala Nzola in exchange.

It would be a like for like loan with no money changing hands, but Leeds haven’t said their final word.

The newspaper make it clear ‘the spotlights are destined to remain on’ when it comes to Kouamé, ‘given that Leeds’ move appears to be concrete (Pulgar would also be part of the deal), as well as Torino, who would be ready to guarantee a heavy redemption’.

It’s not over until it’s over, and we all know money talks.