Alberto Moreno has had to go through the hard route at Liverpool. And, whether through accident or design, Jurgen Klopp’s approach to the player has had a positive result.

In the current Spain squad, Moreno has been speaking to the Spanish media, and been honest about his time under Klopp not being all positive.

Asked by Marca how life has been at Liverpool under the German manager, Moreno explained: “It’s been strange. He arrived and I played everything and at the beginning of the following season I disappeared. When I saw that a right-footed midfielder like Milner was the left-back, I thought something was happening. He didn’t give me explanations. Already in summer I saw that the season was going to be f***** up and that’s how it was. I cannot find a reason for what happened.”

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Perhaps a little shocked, the Spanish newspaper asked again if there’d been no explanations, and Moreno elaborated a little further: “He told me the team was fine… that I should continue working. I did, but the opportunity didn’t come. I went to talk to him five or six times and the message was the same… but nothing changed.”

Perhaps wanting to brighten things up a little, Marca asked Moreno how his relationship with Klopp is now: “It’s a different relationship. He’s helping me a lot, he corrects me and I think it shows. I am a more mature player, but also with better defensive reading, with more ability to concentrate.”

Things were still difficult during the last summer transfer window, when it appeared Klopp was trying to replace Moreno at Liverpool: “My idea was to stay, work and earn the position. I felt capable. I spoke with Klopp, he told me he couldn’t promise me anything, that he would work and they were going to sign a ‘3’. I thought something was wrong. I spoke with my circle and they told me to work, that I should start from scratch and we would see. And here we are.”

A brilliant piece of man management from Jurgen Klopp, or the Liverpool manager trying his best to shove Moreno out and then things dramatically changing? Who knows, whatever the reason, things are certainly better.