Steven Gerrard has given a lengthy interview to the excellent France Football, and during the chat Celtic popped up repeatedly, almost as often as Liverpool references did.

Having already been quizzed on catching Rangers’ Glasgow rivals and narrowing the gap between the two Scottish Premiership clubs, Gerrard was inevitably asked about the Old Firm.

This match brings so much world media attention to Glasgow’s two clubs, it’s seen worldwide as one of the fiercest rivalries in football. There was a clear enthusiasm when Rangers were promoted and that was largely because a real rivalry with Celtic was potentially on the way again.

Asked to speak about his first taste of the match, Gerrard explained: “I enjoyed this moment. Unfortunately, we lost. We did not believe it enough… It was also the first Old Firm for most of my young players. This experience will help us to be better.”

France Football point out it was ‘young Frenchman’ Olivier Ntcham who scored the only goal in a 1-0 win for Celtic.

Given his vast experience of representing Liverpool against Everton, the manager was quizzed on how the two matches compare. A difficult question, given he won’t want to upset his current fans or his previous ones.

Gerrard replied: “It’s similar, but the atmosphere is different too. There is a religious and political context here that gives the derby another dimension. It’s complicated to explain. You have to live it to understand it. On the day, it’s only that which exists. It seems that life stops in Glasgow.”

Many expect the Liverpool legend will one day be taking on Everton as manager of the Reds, and on that he said: “Today, I am very happy to be at Rangers and happy to do this job. I want to give the best of myself for Rangers. But nobody knows the future… Liverpool is a very special place for me. One day, maybe it will happen… or not.”

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Interestingly, asked which French club he prefers, Gerrard shared a comment which will help build rumours in future: “I like PSG. Paris is my team in France. The owner is also my friend.”

Third in the 2005 Ballon d’Or, the former midfielder was asked if he regrets missing out on the prize, and he made it clear there’s something else which bothers him much more: “No. There were two top players in front of me, Ronaldinho and Lampard. I was already honoured to be on the podium. I am a boy from Liverpool and my dream was just to play for Liverpool FC. But my biggest regret is not there… To have never been champion of England. I have experienced everything with Liverpool, except that.”