With Philippe Coutinho’s controversial departure last month, we wonder if Liverpool fans are still able to believe a Brazilian player when he says he loves the club.

But that’s pretty much Roberto Firmino’s speech from an interview he had with outlet Lance this week.

In a long chat, the 26-year-old was asked many times if he looks to leave the club in the future, but all he claims is that he’s pretty happy at Anfield and wants to keep improving under Jurgen Klopp.

One of the first questions was about the contract that the Reds would offer until the end of his career, as speculated in the English press. The player doesn’t confirm it, but is clearly flattered.

“Liverpool are one of the great clubs in Europe and being able to be part of the history of such a great club is gratifying to me,” Firmino told Lance.

“I work hard every day to give my best and I believe that the fans, the coaching staff and the board recognise what I give wearing that shirt. I’m very happy here at Liverpool and I don’t see myself out of that club for years to come. I believe that I am living one of the best times of my career and I owe much to the trust that the club has placed in me from the beginning.”

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On the affection he has from the fans, Firmino said: “I feel very good here in Liverpool. I am very adapted to the city, the club, and the warmth I receive from the fans makes me even happier with the work we are producing. I have already took part in some marketing actions of the club and it has always been very nice to feel this affection of the young fans with me. I am very connected to the children too, I am the father of two… And all this support makes me even more willing to conquer great things wearing Liverpool’s shirt.”

The striker was also asked about the departure of Philippe Coutinho, and if there are any hard feelings about it: “There was no sorrow in our group with Coutinho. Of course we didn’t want to him to leave because he’s a great player and a guy who got along with the whole squad. Coutinho is missed by any team in the world and with us it wouldn’t be different, besides being one of the great friends that I made in football. Unfortunately, the exit has been confirmed and we have to move on without him. Liverpool have a squad with great players and I’m sure our manager has solutions in the group to fill that gap.”

Finally on a possible departure from the club anytime soon, the striker said: “In every transfer window we hear a lot of speculation, but nothing concrete has come to me up to now. I’m very happy here at Liverpool and my thinking is to build a history with many victories and titles for this club. I have a contract with Liverpool until 2020 and I hope to fulfil it.”

All of that is just what Liverpool fans will want to hear from the Brazilian, and if he’s true to his word then Firmino could write himself a place in Anfield history.