It shouldn’t be very easy for clubs to take Thiago Alcântara from Bayern Munich this summer, according to the Brazilian media.

Globo Esporte brings a pretty short exclusive this week saying that the demands made by the German side are high, and that’s what is making the midfielder’s departure difficult.

Thiago Alcântara is said to be unhappy with his game time in Germany, and that’s why he’s shown his desire to leave.

But Bayern’s thoughts are pretty simple: he’s only going if there’s a pretty good profit. Otherwise, they’d rather keep his ‘known quality’ in the squad.

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Globo Esporte doesn’t have any information on who would take Thiago. They put both Chelsea and Manchester United in the headline, but that’s taken from the English press.

This week, ESPN have reported Man United and Chelsea have made contact over signing the player, and SportBild has pushed the interest of Jose Mourinho’s club.

We rounded up Thiago rumours involving United on Wednesday. 

Thiago was born in Italy, plays for Spain, but speaks also Portuguese, as his father is a well known former Brazilian player. The Brazilian media doesn’t often has exclusives on him, so this one is a rare report.