One of the more sought after Argentine youngsters outside of Europe, Agustín Urzi’s time to cross the Atlantic will eventually come.

Teams from across the continent, including Manchester City and Chelsea, have been keeping an eye on the 20-year-old, who currently plays for Banfield in his home country.

A regular with his country’s U23s, the forward is often compared to Angel Di Maria, whom he sees as a ‘crack’ and is clearly thrilled to be associated to, even if the players he models himself on are Neymar and Ricky Centurion.

Watched by a number of Serie A sides, Urzi knows he will likely end up somewhere in Europe in the near future, but he might take a rather unconventional route before doing so.

Speaking to Europa Calcio, the winger explained himself: “I really like English football, but in the United States, they’re now creating a very competitive league and I think it’s very close to my style of playing. We’ll see in the future.”

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However, if he ever were to make it to the Premier League, there is one team he likes above all.

He said: “I appreciate Manchester City both for the style of football they’ve adopted and for their footballers.”

After all, if you’re going to come to Europe and England, why not aim high and try to be taught by one of the most successful managers in the history of the game in Pep Guardiola?

This isn’t the first time Urzi has revealed his affinity for the Etihad based club, already doing so last month in a chat with TNT Sports.