Colombian outlet Gol Caracol today features an interview with Everton star Richarlison.

You may be wondering why would the Brazilian striker be speaking to the Colombian media, but there’s a very good reason for that: James Rodriguez.

The midfielder was mentioned in every single one of the six questions made by the outlet, as the local press is pretty excited to know more about his first week with the Toffees.

The first one was about how Richarlison took the news that James Rodriguez would be joining him at Everton.

“The arrival of James was very important. When I found out he was coming I was very happy because the team needed a player with James’ qualities, that’s always good and I think he will help us a lot this season,” Richarlison told Gol Caracol.

“In the first game, he showed all the quality of the player that he is, as well as the other signings, so he has everything to make a very good season and help us a lot.”

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Quizzed about his first impressions after one week with James Rodriguez, Richarlison said: “We already see the qualities of him. We try to talk a lot on the pitch, he and I already understand each other very well I already know where he’s going to send the pass, where I have to go.”

Richarlison missed a couple of chances in the match against Tottenham Hotspur last weekend. Since those were passes from James Rodriguez, Gol Caracol wanted to know why he missed.

“I think a bit of luck was lacking as well. It was a day where the ball didn’t want to go in, I tried to score the goal anyway, but sadly the ball didn’t want to go in. I believe that in the next game luck will change and I’ll be able to score several goals. As I already mentioned, James and I understand each other very well on the pitch, I already know what he’s going to do. Unfortunately I wasn’t very lucky in this game but I think that in the following ones I will be scoring goals.”

Regarding Richarlison’s own potential, he was asked if James Rodriguez can help him grow.

“Of course, when we have a quality, high-level player in our team, and you see the ball coming in with the opportunity to score a goal, it’s what every attacker wants. So I think this year we have everything to make a very good league with James placing us in the scoring opportunities.”

Still speaking about James Rodriguez, Gol Caracol asked Richarlison if it’s the midfielder who must adapt to Everton’s game or if it’s the opposite.

“I think the team is a team and we all try to help each other. But I think the last pass should be from James because he’s a player who has a very good pass and vision of the game. So I think that the team also has to play for him, because he’s the player who goes forward and places the players in scoring opportunities. The midfielders have to give the ball to James because he has a very good last pass and of course he’ll know what to do with the ball at his feet.”

Finally, Richarlison was asked if Everton are already boosted by the quality of the new signings or if there’s more to come.

“Now we’re playing like a great team and the arrival of Carlo Ancelotti helped a lot too. All those who saw the game against Tottenham could see that we played to win. Those signings were crucial so that the team can play as equals against everyone else and we’re going to look for all possible titles in the season.”