James Rodriguez’s current form at Everton continues to be something for the Colombian media to be worried about.

Just yesterday, we had already covered a couple of pieces from the local press who said the player was struggling amid the Toffees’ ‘crisis’, giving him a chance to turn things around in the international break.

Now it’s time for them to show some concern regarding James’ current physical condition.

A testicle injury left the player out of the match against Newcastle, and he returned to training just days before the loss to Manchester United. Marca says he had ‘more time in recovery than with the ball’, and that’s why he couldn’t give his best against the Red Devils at the weekend.

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So manager Carlos Queiroz was asked about their big star on Monday night, and claimed there’s some special attention being given to his physical condition.

“I do not like to talk about the word worries, it’s part of my job. I’m not here to show concerns, I’m to show solutions,” said Carlos Queiroz (via Marca).

“James has a very specific situation, we’re in contact with him, his coach and Everton. The decision is work and quality and try, in this time that we have the opportunity, to work with him to develop and present the best possible version. We are attentive to all the details with the medical team and make the best decisions for him and the team.”

Colombia are playing Uruguay on Friday and Ecuador on Thursday, both matches are World Cup qualifiers.