Earlier on Wednesday we covered claims from Italy that Crystal Palace’s move for Eder has ‘run aground’, and now it seems even more stuck on the shore.

Calciomercato explain that Eder has told Inter Milan he fancies a move to Russia with Zenit. There he’d find Roberto Mancini, a coach wants to work with again, and the opportunity to fight for titles and play in European football.

But, just like Crystal Palace, Zenit only want a loan, and Inter Milan have sent the Russian club’s offer straight back to them as rejected.

Calciomercato say Crystal Palace have offered €3m for a loan and a €7m purchase option, that’s slightly different to the earlier claims of €2m and €8m, which could suggest there’s been further effort from Palace to please Inter.

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Regardless, as we’ve pointed out before, with Eder being so hesitant about a move to England, surely Crystal Palace should put other targets ahead of him.

That line of thought is especially true now the striker is pushing his club over the Zenit move.