After multiple reports that Crystal Palace were holding a meeting on Tuesday with Inter regarding the transfer of Eder to Selhurst Park, Corriere dello Sport on Wednesday have the minutes of the talks.

Unfortunately for the Eagles’ fans who might have been excited about the Italy international transferring to the Premier League, it doesn’t look like it’ll happen.

The Italian newspaper explain that Crystal Palace decided to walk away from the table when they realised Inter had no intention of accepting their offer of a €2m loan with an €8m view to buy for the 31-year-old forward.

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The Serie A outfit, after bringing in Rafinha on loan from Barcelona, are looking for some money right away, and there’s a feeling things would have been very different if the Eagles had simply offered €10m up front.

However, considering the player’s age and his lack of first-team football this year, it’s understandable that Roy Hodgson and co. would want to try him out first rather than gamble on a veteran player who might be past his prime years.

For now, the deal has ‘run aground’.