Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 08.33.09Crystal Palace are trying to tap into the overseas supporter market and bring more fans to London on short holidays, and it’s made its way to French newspaper L’Equipe.

For Premier League fans in France, the Crystal Palace initiative may well prove very attractive. Palace are offering an ‘International Membership’, which will cost £45.

For that, subscribers will get a welcome gift, £10 to spend in the club shop, discounted hotel stay, downloadable match programmes and, the important one, the chance to buy match tickets a day before they go on sale. The advantageous sale period is for one game a season only, picked by the fan.

It doesn’t make abundantly clear on Crystal Palace’s website if that’s one day before all the club’s members, but L’Equipe seem to think it is and believe it’s a good chance for overseas fans to get tickets to the club’s biggest matches.

It’s fair to say the French newspaper seem quite impressed with ‘Francophile’ Crystal Palace and they explain the new scheme offers a chance for fans to travel and watch a match in one of London’s two ‘hottest’ stadiums, the other being White Hart Lane.