Manchester United are expected to make an attempt to sign Lucas Moura from Paris Saint German, according to the player’s agent Wagner Ribeiro.

Speaking to ESPN Brasil, the official revealed that José Mourinho is a big fan of the winger and should try the transfer soon, since the first contacts have already been made.

Ribeiro was talking about his friendship with the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, and was asked about the club’s approach to sign Lucas Moura in 2012, when he was leaving to Europe.

But he revealed that the president was not the one who demanded the signing: “Who called Lucas Moura there, who wanted Lucas Moura wasn’t Florentino. It was Mourinho.”

Then he revealed the manager is still crazy for him: “Mourinho was, is, passionate for Lucas Moura. So much so that now at Manchester he wants Lucas as well.”

It’s no secret that Manchester United already got close to signing the player previously, but ended up beatenParis Saint German. The agent gave details on the offers made by each club, saying the English side already had an agreement with him and the São Paulo president: “At that moment, Manchester United wanted to pay €35m. They had it agreed with me and Juvenal. Then Leonardo called me and said ‘I pay €43m’. And he went to PSG.”

The reporters were a bit shocked with José Mourinho’s interest and the agent insisted: “They’ve called me”. And when asked why the player isnt’ making the move, he said: “Because we renewed his contract last year.”

The discussion continued, with the journalists questioning if Manchester United wouldn’t be a better place for Lucas at this stage of his career, but Ribeiro kept pushing for PSG’s side: “Now, to live in Manchester and to live in Paris?”

He also defended the French club with last season’s results, making gestures saying they’re one level above: “Paris finished between the best five in the last Champions League.”

However, Wagner Ribeiro admitted that the winger could be more successful in the Premier League: “I think if Lucas played in England… English football looks just like him. He’d do better.”

It may be hard to believe that Wagner Ribeiro would let something like a contract renewal get in the way of a transfer, if there was genuine interest.