If news is exciting enough, especially in the transfer rumour mill, few appear to question it, riding the wave and going along with it.

Add to that the fact a source comes from the player’s home country, and you’ve created yourself a monster that spreads like wildfire across outlets.

We present to you Monday evening’s report from Terra about Liverpool offering £57m to sign Alisson from AS Roma, which we were a bit skeptical about for two reasons: Mundo Deportivo had reported something very similar earlier that day, and it would be unusual for Terra to break news like this before the likes of UOL and Globo Esporte.

Well, it appears our gut feeling was right because Gazzetta dello Sport have their say on the story, mentioning the rumours of the Reds bidding €65m bid for the Brazilian goalkeeper.

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Firstly, they explain that should such a bid be made, it would not be enough to convince the Serie A club to sell.

Secondly, AS Roma are yet to receive any official bid for Alisson either ‘by fax, certified mail or carrier pigeon’.

Gazzetta point out all these talks appear to be taking place between clubs and the player’s entourage, but that unless they do so with the Italian club, they won’t really get anywhere.

In all honesty, the newspaper have no reason to do this unless it was true, as splashing the front page with “ALI65ON” or some other ridiculous headline would help them sell far more papers than clarifying the situation on page 13 of their Tuesday edition.