If we had such power, there is one man we’d choose above all to shut up for good (we don’t mean kill, just ensure he doesn’t speak to the press), it’s Mathias Pogba.

The Manchester United midfielder’s brother, who transferred to *checks notes* CD Manchego Ciudad Real, seems to be an everyday guest on El Chiringuito these days as the dramatic TV show lap up all the tidbits of information he drops about what his younger sibling does behind the scenes.

A week or so ago, we were blessed with him revealing the Old Trafford star, who didn’t get a transfer to Real Madrid, ‘knows he can’t leave’ the Premier League club, because, you know, the window is now shut.

This time around, the 29-year-old revealed Pogba (Paul) has been having chats on the phone with a Barcelona player, and it’s none other than their biggest star.

Shown an article stating Sergio Ramos was a big fan of the Manchester United midfielder, the elder brother said: “I know he’s spoken with a few players, but not Ramos. Who? Oh, Messi. Sometimes, not always. Zlatan. Griezmann, because of the national team.

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“I don’t know about anyone from Real Madrid. Oh, Varane, yes, and yes, with Zidane, yes.”

So that’s two people from the Santiago Bernabéu club, Mathias. Two.

Either way, it seems the centre-forward is either injured and is using his time away from the field productively as a part-time PR rep for his brother, or CD Manchego just let him do what he wants knowing their name probably gets airtime when their (we’re guessing) star player gets presented on the show.

As for Paul Pogba, one of the biggest football names in the business, having a chat with Lionel Messi, is it really that surprising? Especially when we all know how close the United player and Antoine Griezmann are?