All of a sudden, Jurgen Klinsmann in favourite with bookmakers to be the next Southampton manager. The former Tottenham player is currently head coach of the USA, a post which has seen him receive quite a bit of criticism.

Klinsmann’s current standing would surely see him considered to be very lucky should he end up with the Southampton job. And that’s probably why he’s been a long odds chance, up until now.

Before Ronald Koeman was announced as Everton manager, there had been several other favourites, but the bookies are insinuating this time it may well be different.

It’s obviously big news in the USA because it would mean Klinsmann leaving his current job, so USA Today contacted Ladbrokes to ask them what’s going on.

Ladbrokes spokesman Alex Donuhue told USA Today: “There was a massive and sudden move in the betting market odds for Klinsmann. All signs point to bettors expecting an announcement and some news very soon.”

It’s pointed out that back when Bob Bradley was coach of the USA national team, that he became odds on favourite for the Aston Villa job, and didn’t get it.

Depending on Ladbrokes’ opinion of what a ‘massive’ move in the market is, this could either be a nailed on deal, or people rushing to follow others in backing the latest chance, as appeared to happen several times with Everton.

The whole thing being in the media will likely encourage more bets, either for Klinsmann or someone else, encourage people to visit the betting websites in order to see the latest odds themselves, and drive the amount of money waged upwards.