Currently enjoying his vacations in Brazil, Watford striker Richarlison has given a pretty good interview to Globo Esporte this week.

Even though he left the European summer for the Brazilian winter, the player isn’t having any problems with the weather in his home country, as he was pictured wearing shorts and an NBA jersey.

But the cold was a big issue back in England. As usual, this was one of the first subjects in the interview, as Richarlison was asked about the biggest problems he had in adaptation to the country.

“At first it was the cold, really. When I arrived at minus five degrees, it was a lot of difference. I was accustomed to Rio de Janeiro, 40 degrees all the time. It was a bit difficult,” Richarlison told Globo Esporte.

“These are things of life, you have to adapt as quickly as possible. Language is also complicated. I understand more than I speak. I still can’t do an interview in English. I take two classes a week and I’m slowly learning and evolving.”

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Things have happened very quickly in Richarlison’s life. As the player has said a few times, he had a pretty difficult childhood in Brazil before becoming a footballer. That’s why he’s currently leaving the dream in the Premier League.

“It hasn’t hit me yet. Four years ago I was in Nova Venécia selling popsicles and homemade chocolates. And today I am in the Premier League. It’s a dream come true. It’s not easy, it’s not everyone who can play there. I’m very happy, every day I thank God for having this opportunity to be in one of the biggest leagues in the world, in a club with a very good structure, I’m sure I still have a lot to conquer.”

But the player seems well adapted to Watford. He even revealed a few nicknames that players have been calling each other, showing he has a good relationship with the squad.

“As soon as I arrived, Andre Gray called me and said, “What’s up, my friend… big nose, big nose.” I asked Gomes what it meant, and he told me it was ‘nariz grande’ (laughs). Then the chat started, we got closer, he’s the closest guy to me there.

“I also gave Gomes a nickname, didn’t I. He’s the face of Smeagol, from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie (laughs). I put a picture of the character next to Gomes’ picture and sent it to Watford’s group of players. The guys started laughing, they said it’s the same.”