This week’s edition of France Football has a very big feature on Real Madrid interest in Kylian Mbappe.

The whole story sounds like speculation built on top of speculation, with the only time there’s any real meat being the following sentence: ‘The Madrid president could soon make a first offer to PSG for the French world champion, which would be around € 280m.’

Several players have been linked with Real Madrid recently, including Manchester United’s Paul Pogba and Liverpool’s Sadio Mane, and it’s assumed there’ll be a huge budget in the summer.

France Football said that would be €400m plus a further €100m from the potential sale of Gareth Bale.

Marca have now moved to rubbish this, having spoken to an ‘authorised spokesperson of Real Madrid’, who gave them the following quote: “We won’t make any offer for Mbappe.”

The idea of a €500m signings budget is also dismissed.

Marca go on to say there are several targets for each positions, and the only one named is Sadio Mane.

That’s not significant in itself, given Marca are simply referring to their big Mane story today, in which it was claimed Real Madrid have a genuine interest which has been encouraged by Zinedine Zidane.

As has happened before, it’s possible Madrid are making moves not to upset PSG.

Liverpool will quickly want to get the message out that if Madrid think they can get an easy path to Mane then they need to think again.