When Benfica went to play Manchester United at Old Trafford last month, the Portuguese press claimed that the game could attract the eyes of Arsenal as well.

That’s because Andrija Zivkovic is apparently a long time target for Arsene Wenger, so the manager would have the chance to watch him closely against a Premier League side.

We thought this story was a little bit forced, but since Record claimed that Wenger follows the player since his academy times, it was worth the coverage.

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Now it turns out that Zivkovic wants to leave the Eagles, according to Correio da Manhã this weekend. The player would be unhappy with his game time and wants a move so he can get a spot at the World Cup for Serbia.

Arsenal aren’t mentioned this time, as only Valencia and Sevilla would be possible destinations for the defender.

Given the lack of an Arsenal mention, Wenger’s interest may well have dropped more recently, given the player’s lack of progression.