When English fans travel to Naples to watch their team in the Europa/Champions League, history would suggest some violence will take place.

Back in 2017, three Manchester City fans were injured, and another when Liverpool travelled back in October.

That’s why, with Arsenal coming to town for Thursday’s Europa League game, the local police will be doing their utmost to ensure a safe environment for the one thousand strong or so travelling crowd.

According to Gazzetta dello Sport, around 800 men will be ‘committed to safeguarding’ fans of the Gunners during their time in Naples.

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The force, as well as protecting them, will also monitor their ‘regular behaviour’, as the ‘presence of hooligans is feared’.

They explain the entire group of fans going to the game will then be gathered at the ‘maritime station’ before being put on buses to take them to the stadium.

As they put it, the hope is all that will be talked about after the game will be football, and nothing else.