Despite claims of an offer to be made a couple of weeks ago, the rumours linking Cristian Pavon to Arsenal have seemed quite dead since.

Local newspapers didn’t really give much attention to the TV news, making the story sounding like only smoke, at least until now.

But with the end of the transfer window approaching, there’s some fear the player can still leave Boca Juniors this month.

Argentina newspaper Olé has a story about the player today, mostly covering the quotes from Fernando Hidalgo, his representative, who was present on a TV show last night.

The agent claimed Pavon will play the Copa Libertadores for Boca Juniors, which only ends in December, but the local media is still afraid that his release clause won’t give the club a chance to hold him in case a European side comes.

Just like the local outlets have been saying, there are ‘several’ European clubs interest in taking Pavon from Boca Juniors, but only Arsenal are named. And there’s a very curious detail about the Gunners’ interest in today’s story.

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Olé claims that Arsenal have just made €70m with Alexis Sanchez’ transfer to Manchester United, making it a pretty clear sign that the club has enough money to afford Pavón’s US$37m release clause. The Argentine would have been picked as the perfect replacement for the Chilean forward.

Now it’s not really a secret that Sanchez was transfered in a swap with Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and even when the papers said there would be money involved, the rumours said something around £20m, and never €70m.

With so many stories about Manchester United’s spending to sign the Chilean international, maybe Olé mistranslated something and thought part of this money went to Arsenal.

Now Arsenal interest in Pavón something as reliable as their earnings with Sanchez’ sale? Sometimes a little mistake makes us wonder if the entire story is true.