Even though the Argentine media hasn’t recently reported an offer from West Ham for River Plate fullback Gonzalo Montiel, there’s an interesting story coming from Goal Argentina this week.

The outlet brings details about a recent bid made by the Hammers for the 23-year-old.

They say West Ham, who were one of the first clubs to approach him, have offered €7.5m for the 80% which the Buenos Aires side have over the player.

This amount is still far from Montiel’s €20m release clause, and that’s why Goal wonders what River Plate’s response to this offer will be.

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Not long ago, Montiel’s agent Marcelo Carracedo spoke to the Argentine press and claimed that the player would have to cost at least US$12.5m (€10.5m) so he could get a work permit for the Premier League.

So if West Ham’s bid was €7.5m for the 80%, that’s still below the amount needed, which would have to be €8.4m. That could mean the Hammers are still to raise their offer, or Carracedo was wrong when doing the maths.

Either way, it’s interesting to finally see a report about a bid from the Premier League side, and we’ll keep an eye on further updates from Argentina.