Morten Spencer recently terminated his contract with Sunderland, wanting a fresh start away from the League One club.

That action with Sunderland brought other interested clubs to the table, and Manchester City have been one of them.

The Premier League side have been linked heavily with the 14 year old recently, but according to his mother a move there is now unlikely… Manchester City are being turned down in favour of Middlesbrough.

TV2 say the player will now ‘probably’ sign for Middlesbrough and they quote Heidi Lunde Spencer as saying: “It’s so close that we can stay where we live now. In the long term, we believe this is the best solution for Morten’s development.”

On the other option, she explained: “Manchester City is one of the clubs that has shown interest. In the beginning, Morten would probably also go there, but that would mean that he had to move away from home to live and play there. Eventually, we have felt that City is such a large club with quite a few talents that are eventually sent out on loans. Therefore, we have looked at other alternatives.”

Interest in the player has made the Norwegian football authorities take notice, with Spencer qualified to player for both England and Norway.

Should he progress at Middlesbrough as is hoped and end up with the choice, it seems it’ll be an easy one: “What can I say? If he gets good enough for England, then of course it would be stupid (not to). But he is nevertheless extremely privileged and receives offers from both Norway and England. I’m so proud of him.”

Thanks to @RonnyS0L for the heads up.