The difficult situation between Wolves and Sporting unfortunately didn’t end when Bruno de Carvalho left the Lisbon club.

With Rui Patricio leaving the Portuguese club after rescinding his contract, and then joining Wolves, it was always apparent the Premier League club would have to pay something somewhere down the line, and they’ve not been trying to hide from that.

The difficulty is that Jorge Mendes’ Gestifute is owed €7m by Sporting, dating back as far as 2012, and there was an agreement that he would be paid when Patricio left the club, from the transfer fee received.

That means Sporting haven’t been happy with the originally agreed €18m, because it would see them left with €11m. Wolves then increased their offer to €20m, leaving the sellers with €13m, and this was also knocked back.

A Bola reports that if Wolves up their offer to €25m then a deal can be agreed, with further talks expected.

That would leave Sporting with the full €18m and Gestifute with their €7m.

Quite why Wolves should cover Sporting’s old Mendes debt isn’t clear, and the Portuguese club are in danger of pushing things too far.