ESPN Brasil had a pretty good match report on Chelsea’s 5-0 win over Huddersfield Town in the Premier League this weekend.

It started with reporter Natali Gedra interviewing a couple of fans about their opinion regarding Maurizio Sarri. Some said he’s ‘too stubborn’, others said he ‘needs more time’. But it was pretty clear that the Italian boss has been a controversial topic at Stamford Bridge.

After Chelsea’s great result, three players spoke to ESPN Brasil. And it’s interesting how all of them have stated their support for the manager.

“It is not from one day to the next that we will reach the level he wants. This takes some time,” Willian told ESPN Brasil. “I think City went through this same work with Guardiola, Liverpool and Klopp too, coaches who arrive, change the philosophy of the team, change the way the team plays, and Sarri is the same thing.”

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Gonzalo Higuain, who scored his two first Premier League goals, praised Sarri’s style and now hopes the club keep this form.

“Hopefully this will be my beginning of a great end of season. And hopefully the team can follow this line,” said the Argentine star. “I like the way he plays, vertical. The team presses, recovers the ball fast, and when it recovers, there are many players in the attack,”

David Luiz also made some comments about the manager, highlighting the ‘courage’ he has for always trying to win instead of being concerned for his job.

“Few coaches in the world have the courage to play every game and want to win and take risks,” said the defender. “Many often play for the score, to hold, to hold the job, to hold everything, and Sarri is a person who wants to do something different. And we’re on his side for that.”