The Colombian media have largely stayed out of Yerry Mina to Manchester United, but now they’ve come in it’s happened with a bang.

Whilst the English and Spanish media are rowing back on the chances of the Barcelona player moving to Old Trafford, with Toby Alderweireld once again seeming the likelier option, they have it differently in Colombia, especially for one particular journalist.

RCN Radio is a big deal in Colombia, and they had Guillermo Arango on a Friday night show.

He’s quoted as saying: Yerry Mina will play at Manchester United by 90 percent.”

Arango claimed to have spoken to Jair Mina, Yerry’s uncle and representative.

ComuTricolor have listened to the full radio show and have Arango saying: “Jair has told me that they have offers from Everton; with €30m on the Barcelona table. Lyon offer from France, official. But they want to go to Manchester United and that has to be defined no later than Monday, August 6th at night

“Jair says: ‘It will be Manchester United. They already met with me, met Matt Judge and are simply finalising the final offer for Yerry Mina to be a Manchester United player. He tells me: ‘he’s going to be the Premier League, he’s going to be England, if you drop Manchester United, which I do not believe, it will be Everton’… 

“It will be Manchester United, 90%, the new team of Yerry Mina”

They sound pretty certain then, but again it goes against what is being reported elsewhere.

Looking at the overview of the situation and what has been said in the Catalan media, along with these claims, it wouldn’t be hard to come to the conclusion that Manchester United are holding Yerry Mina as a back-up option.

On July 26th it was claimed in Barcelona that United had asked Barca for time to formalise an offer. It was separately reported that the club had also asked the defender to wait, and if Jair Mina has truly said the club are ‘simply finalising the final offer’ then the pieces fit into place quite well.

Monday looks crucial.