West Ham are said to be one of a number of clubs now involved in a ‘full blown auction’ to sign Marco Meneghetti

Triveneto in Italy report the young goalkeeper is attracting widespread attention and is therefore unlikely to continue as a Pordenone Calcio player for much longer.

The lower league club have already given 17 year old Meneghetti his debut, but it’s only served to attract more interest.

According to the claims, West Ham and Inter Milan were the first clubs keen, and they’ve now been joined by Juventus and Napoli, which makes the competition very strong indeed.

Pordenone are receiving repeat requests regarding the player, but Triveneto believe one club has a distinct advantage. Juventus are said to have a good relationship with the smaller club, and therefore the route to Turin is likelier.

That doesn’t completely rule West Ham out of the race, and it’s stated the player will either end up in Serie A or the Premier League.