There’s no doubt Richarlison is loving his quick impact in the Premier League. A big proof of that is he won’t stop talking to the papers, no matter where they come from.

This Friday, it’s the Italian outlet Tuttosport who has an interview with him, in a chat in which he talked a bit about his move from Brazil and arrival to Watford.

An Italian paper obviously had to ask if he didn’t fancy a move to Serie A, but Richarlison claimed that it’s really the Premier League that attracted him more.

“I always followed football in Italy, but I can say the same about England as I grew up watching the Premier, pointing out that I would like to play here.

“As a child I always chose Old Trafford at video games and cannot wait to play there seriously. Thanks to God, I managed to achieve this dream,” Richarlison told Tuttosport.

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The 20-year-old has already talked about how decisive the call from Marco Silva was for his transfer, and now made sure to praise the boss once again: “The presence of Marco Silva has been decisive. It was almost all done with Ajax when he called me to take me to England.

“And since playing in Premier had always been my dream, I accepted without thinking twice. A good team with good potential, an excellent coach who speaks my language and who could help me adapt to the league more easily were decisive elements in my choice.”

Richarlison also talked a bit about the Premier League leaders Manchester City, whose football has been attracting admiring eyes from all over the world: “The team is absurd. These are the types I’ve always played against in video games, and now I have the opportunity to challenge them in real life. It’s a team with a high technical training.

“Then there is Gabriel Jesus whom I had already played when I was at Fluminense and he at Palmeiras but I didn’t talk to him before coming here. That day we had the opportunity to know a bit and exchange the shirts. It is a mirror for all young people who leave Brazil with the hope of being successful in Europe.”

On Watford’s Premier League campaign, the forward claims that the expectations were much lower: “The Pozzo family have greeted me well and the club have done everything to make me feel at home.

“So far, we’ve been shown to be up to each opponent. We could not imagine finding ourselves in the Champions League zone at this point in the league. Expectations are of a peaceful salvation, but we have proven to be able to go far beyond this.”