Earlier today, we covered reports from Brazil about Fluminense’s financial problems, as the club are currently blocked from making transfers due to pending payments from Richarlison’s sale to Watford.

The Hornets have no fault in that, but they now may be interested in one of the consequences from these issues.

Stopped from registering all of the seven signings they’ve made, Fluminense have made their debut in the State Championship on Saturday using several youngsters, with eight of them making their professional debut.

One of these was João Pedro, who is 17 and was recently signed by Watford.

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A few outlets have been covering these debuts this week. Newspaper O Globo describes João Pedro as ‘already sold to Watford: a jewel from the academy who the supporters will only have this year to get to know’.

That’s because the striker already has a date to leave Flu: As he turns 18 in September, he will be able to move to Watford in January 2020.

Fluminense fansite Netflu highlights that the club’s goal in the 1-1 draw came from the feet of two debutants: an assist from João Pedro and the goal by Igor Julião.

This news are pretty good for Watford, as despite signing a youngster for the price of a youth player, they will end up getting someone with unexpected professional experience.