Just like every South American who goes play in Europe before becoming a star, Paulo Gazzaniga isn’t well known by his own compatriots.

Argentine outlet Clarin has an interview with the Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper this week, and in the story, they say he’s the ‘most surprising’ name in the national team call-up, and many fans probably ‘searched his surname on the internet’.

Despite moving to Spain as a child, Gazzaniga feels completely Argentine, and was quick responding to a reporter when asked if he feels more Argentine or more European.

“I am Argentine and here’s the proof. I have always had this bracelet since I left. The roots are here and this is my country,” Gazzaniga told Clarín, showing a bracelet with the Argentine colors on his right arm.

The Tottenham goalkeeper claims that he wasn’t expecting to be in the national team list either, and though it was a joke from the Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino.

“I was surprised by the call. It was from one day to the next. I had no clue that they were going to call me. I had been doing my job as usual and it caught me off guard. Mauricio told me and I thought he was kidding me.”

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“When I found out I remembered from the first moment I played a ball until the last practice. I was touched by the call and a billion things crossed my mind.”

“This is a dream. All of us who are born in Argentina and dedicate ourselves to this at some point dream of wearing these colors.”

Gazzaniga has also claimed that he’s having the chance to play with two of his idols: Sergio Romero and Hugo Lloris.

“Being a teammate of Chiquito Romero is another dream for me. I follow him and it’s a pride to be training with him.”

“One of my references is Hugo Lloris and I am lucky to share the dressing room with him. I try to follow his footsteps.”