ESPN Brasil aired today an interview with Tottenham Hotspur striker Carlos Vinícius.

There are two reasons why the 25-year-old got hyped up this week. First because of his hat-trick against Marine FC for the FA Cup. And also due to his attempt to give an interview in English at the end of the game.

So reporter Natali Gedra started the conversation by asking him if it was easier to score three goals or to speak to the press in English, and he went with the second option.

“I believe it was giving the interview later in English”, Carlos Vinícius told ESPN Brasil.

It was the most complicated for me. Even more with my professor Lucas Moura, our English hasn’t been easy.”

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ESPN Brasil recalled that only three years ago, Carlos Vinícius was thinking of quitting his career as a footballer and do something else. Now he revealed the reasons behind it.

“I thought about stopping because things were not going well for me anymore. In the profession, in football. This worried me because I was no longer able to bring the bread into the house.”

In a recent video from Tottenham, the striker ended up crying when talking to Lucas Moura about his mom. He was mentioning that she used to show his goals to all people from his city, and now that she passed, she can’t see his success in the Premier League.

“Yes, this subject always gets me very strong. and I take that part. The good son, the things she witnessed in my life, in my sister’s life.”

“We are from a very small town in Maranhão, Bom Jesus das Selvas. Here I leave a hug for all of them. It’s my people, it’s the city I love. And people know what I’m talking about. It’s not easy to get out of there.”

Finally, speaking of José Mourinho, Carlos Vinícius said: “He’s from the locker room, he’s from the chatting, he’s always joking, he’s always pulling. But also when it’s time to go over, he comes over. Because he’s a coach who wants to win”.