Tottenham Hotspur star Lucas Moura has given a very good interview to ESPN Brasil this weekend, talking a lot about his current form at the club.

The Brazilian has claimed that his last months at Paris Saint Germain and his transition to the London side haven’t been easy, but now he’s pretty happy to be playing in the Premier League.

Talking about his ambitions at the Spurs, Lucas Moura has claimed that he’s doing the best so the club can win a major title soon.

“That’s what’s missing, winning a title. Because the structure that we have here, the players we have, the fanatical fans that we also have, I think we have to give a title to these fans”, Lucas Moura told João Castelo Branco from ESPN Brasil.

“And it’s my goal this season. I believe that a lot. When I came to know Tottenham’s training centre before signing the contract, I was impressed by this structure. When I watched the first game, which was in my presentation at Wembley, against Manchester United, which we won 2-0, it was also an impressive game where the team dominated the whole game.

“And the performance that we had this season against Manchester too, 3-0. Anyway, all this makes me believe in the team even more, and I believe we have to believe in that, we have to believe in the possibility of winning a title, because it is possible.”

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Moura has also spoken about some of his teammates. One of the questions was about Heung-min Son, who had been out for the Asian games, and has now returned to the team. As they both fight for the same position, the Brazilian knows he’ll have some hard work to keep his place in the team.

“It must have been a very difficult time for him. Imagine not playing for two years serving the army. And we put ourselves in the person’s place. Imagine me spending two years without playing football, which is what I love to do?

“So I think it was a very difficult time for him, but thank God it worked out, he won the Asian Games. Now the responsibility has increased. Increased because I won the prize of best player of the month, and that I have to prove every day. It won’t work accommodating myself on that.”

“What I did last month will not guarantee my starting place. I have to keep working, showing that I have the ability, that I deserve to continue in the starting team. Of course, always respecting the competition because there are excellent players here, everyone has the ability to start. And leave it in the manager’s hands.”

Speaking about Harry Kane, Moura has claimed that the striker is one of the best in world football: “As a centre-forward, he is among the top five in the world, no doubt. A great scorer, with very high technical quality, strong physically, plays as a target man very well. And a born goalscorer.”