The news about Tottenham Hotspur’s new attempt to sign Bruno Fernandes from Sporting is coming in very fast, so let’s step back and recall what has already been reported.

First, RTP said Spurs have sent an emissary to Portugal to negotiate the transfer with the Lions’ president Frederico Varandas. They didn’t know how much the Premier League side would offer.

Then, O Jogo managed to confirm the news. They’ve added that Tottenham recently used agent Miguel Pinho to deliver a €45m bid to Sporting. The offer was turned down, and now the club try to find a deal face to face.

But that’s not all. It’s time for A Bola and Record, the two biggest sports newspapers in Lisbon, to show their take on the situation as well.

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A Bola also says that Tottenham’s first bid was rejected. That’s what convinced the club to send their own official to Lisbon to negotiate with Sporting.

They claim that Bruno’s chances of playing against Benfica on Sunday are ‘completely open’, but that may not happen if the clubs find a deal. Tottenham’s official is said to be on his way to Lisbon.

Record also brings some interesting updates. They call it a ‘lightning operation’, since Spurs want things to be done quickly, and would be ready to pay up to €70m for the midfielder.

Record claims Tottenham is a destination which ‘interests’ the player, and he’s aware of the negotiations. Unlike A Bola, they say the Spurs official is already in Lisbon.