Just a few days ago, we were relaying an interview Sergio Reguilón held with the Spanish media where the left-back discussed how Gareth Bale was doing these days at Tottenham.

He explained the Welshman felt far more at home and seemed happier at Spurs, and that’s something that’s shown on the pitch as well.

In fact, Real Madrid have taken notice of the good start too, with AS reporting the La Liga giants ‘still consider him an important asset’, going as far as not ruling out ‘a return in the white entity’.

Currently on loan, Bale is having half his wages paid by Tottenham, with the Spaniards taking care of the rest, which they consider a ‘medium-term investment’.

AS state that if the temporary deal ends up being a success, then Madrid feel ‘next summer would still be an opportunity to collect a transfer fee, even if it’s less’.

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Currently in the process of ‘restructuring their wage bill’ in order to make room for their future purchases, the La Liga club rejoiced when they got James Rodríguez off the books (knocked €18m in the process), and freeing themselves of Bale would erase another €30m/year.

That’s why they hope he’ll ‘play well and regain value as much as possible’ despite being 31, with the most favourable outcome being that he ‘explodes this season’, leading to ‘offers for him in the summer’.

Another scenario would be for Bale to play well enough to convince Daniel Levy to gamble again with another loan, at which point Real Madrid would ask for Tottenham to take care of the entirety of the Welshman’s wages.

Finally, the third option ‘could even be that he would return to the ranks of Madrid’, an issue that, according to AS and affirmed by the footballer’s environment, would not be completely ruled out (even more so in a scenario in which Zidane was not in the dugout).

All in all, Real Madrid feel that, in the current climate, ‘workforce assets cannot be wasted’, so they’re ready to do whatever it takes to profit as much from Bale, one way or another, while they still have him.