Chelsea midfielder Jorginho was one of the Brazilian players who spoke to Esporte Interativo after the UEFA Supercup last night.

Despite being upset for the loss to Liverpool on penalties, the 27-year-old still showed some sense of humour, especially for having played with the name ‘JORGHINO’ on the back of his shirt.

“(Laughs) Unfortunately, they made a mistake. But who doesn’t make mistakes? Who am I to judge?, Jorginho told Esporte Interativo.

“So they apologized, made a thousand apologies. But there was no time to change again. I had to play like this. It was kind of weird. Only I wish I had won, so I had something good to remember about that wrong shirt. But it happens. Never mind.”

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Now for the first time in four seasons, Jorginho is finally playing under a new manager. The player started working with Maurizio Sarri when the manager got to Napoli in 2016, before moving together to Chelsea in 2018, meaning Jorginho has basically spent half of his time as a professional with the Italian boss.

Now working with Frank Lampard, the midfielder claims that he wants to prove himself under a new manager, especially for people to stop thinking he can only work at Maurizio Sarri’s clubs.

“Unfortunately, I was a little marked with that. People thought I got where I got thanks to the manager only. And it’s not so. It also has to do with all my work and all the sacrifices I make in my daily life to be where I am. And people can’t see it.”

“But that’s a challenge for me too, to be able to show that I’m where I am thanks to my work. Thanks to all the work I’ve done so far to get here.”

“So it’s been rewarding for me and I want to take this opportunity to be able to have a good season. To make my name recognised by Jorginho who plays at Chelsea and not by Jorginho who only works with Sarri.”

After a start of season with defeats to Manchester United and Liverpool, Chelsea now prepare to face Leicester City at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.