Leroy Sane was brilliant for Germany this week as the country struggled to a 1-1 draw with Serbia.

The Manchester City player was arguably the best for his country, and had to face some bad challenges, a particularly nasty one resulted in a red card for Milan Pavkov.

The majority of the home crowd were behind their team and will have appreciated Sane’s efforts, but another incidence of idiotic football ground behaviour became clear after the match.

Sport journalist André Voigt attended the game as a fan and was so disgusted by the chants and shouts from three men behind him that he filmed the barrage of abuse and shared it on social media.

It quickly became a huge deal, with outrage against the racists targeting Sane and his Manchester City teammate Ilkay Gundogan.

Voigt is quoted by Bild explaining that Sane received racial abuse and Gundogan was dished out with things along similar lines, relating to his Turkish background.

The three men were also said to have shouted ‘Heil Hitler’.

They’ve now handed themselves into the police, and Bild suggest a custodial sentence is possible.

Leon Goretzka has made clear how disgusted he is with what happened: “I watched the video, it moved and appalled me. It should be acted against with all decisiveness. In the Ruhr region, the question of origin is answered with ‘Schalke, Dortmund, Bochum’.”

Marco Reus added: Reus: “We do not stand for that. We stand for diversity. No matter what skin colour someone has.”